Export Benefits

Huge benefits can be gained through export.

Greater prosperity and growth can be achieved through access to a larger customer base in more active and lucrative markets.

Companies working in several markets may be less vulnerable to aggressive competition and economic downturn, often found within a single economy. In challenging economic times when the home and current export markets may have declined, orders from new markets could help maintain and grow the business.

Adopting an international focus can help improve productivity, motivates staff and provides the company with new challenges and fresh ideas.

Who Benefits?

Our services are valuable to new exporters, those that may be working reactively with stretched resources and companies already active overseas.


Companies new to export may feel they lack the time, experience, skills and resources to approach international markets in a proactive and effective manner.

Many small and medium companies have quality products suitable for export, but are often deterred from overseas activity through lack of in-house expertise and the need to employ dedicated, experienced and expensive export sales staff. Perceived obstacles and the uncertainty that some feel exist with international business can also prove to dissuade.

You benefit when knowledge, contacts and experience is shared. We can help you get started.


You may have ad-hoc sales from some markets; and there may be significant export potential, but senior managers may not be able to find the time to research and develop new markets to take advantage of the opportunities that exist. Too busy managing the company on a daily basis? We can help you reach the next level with international business.


Established exporters may require additional help and/or specific packages of work to service existing markets more effectively or ‘fast-track’ business development within new ones. Close control of resources; or time taken up managing daily affairs to secure current sales, may stifle activities that ensure future growth and development. We provide an external resource that can help senior managers become more successful; without treading on their toes. We’re a ‘politics’ free zone!

The Client Benefits – Save Time & Resources

Costs associated with developing overseas markets and running a dedicated export department can be high to an individual company. Hollin can provide this for a significantly lower cost.

Our knowledge and experience working in international markets for over 30 years will help reduce costs and save time, effort and resources.

We work with a number of clients at any one time to support their export ambitions. Additional savings can be achieved for all companies through sharing costs and activity associated with export work (eg costs of travel, communication, maintaining trade partners, transport etc).

Please refer to our ‘Additional Information’ document for a full resume of client benefits (two separate PDF downloads for ‘Additional Information’ and ‘Case Studies’ are currently being compiled).

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