Construction Sector

Hollin representatives have contacts, knowledge and expertise in the international construction sector. Our work covers all sub-sectors of this industry.

Transport and infrastructure projects (airports, ports, highways, water etc) are key sectors where company contacts and activity are strong.

Project Types

A detailed ‘Project Reference List’ is available within our ‘Additional Information’ document (two separate PDF downloads for ‘Additional Information’ and ‘Case Studies’ are currently being compiled).

Hollin has secured business for clients on a range of project types in markets around the world. These include:

Airports (key contacts)
Ports & Marinas (key contacts)
Warehouse & Distribution Centres
Landscape & Pedestrian Projects
Petrol Filling Stations
Commercial Developments
Government & Municipal Buildings
Prestigious & Iconic Projects
Residential Schemes (Apartment Blocks, Public & Private Housing)
Healthcare Projects (Hospitals & Clinics)
Education (Schools & Universities)
Sports, Leisure Developments, Motor Racing Circuits
Infrastructure & Utilities (Highways, Roadways, Water Distribution & Treatment)
Military Facilities
Terminals & Parking Areas
Food & Drinks Processing Plants
Industrial Schemes & Projects
Petrochemical & Gas Installations

Contact Us for further information regarding the types of project that we can help you with.