Trade Partners


One of the most important factors for success and sustained growth in overseas markets is the development of an effective promotion, sales and distribution network. Teamwork is the key.

Operating in international markets for many years has allowed Hollin to establish trade partner contacts that are reputable, hard-working, trustworthy and effective.

Previous clients have ‘fast-tracked’ their activity within target markets to quickly take advantage of opportunities, whilst saving the time and expense associated with making wrong choices.

We also have the experience and insight to assess and evaluate our clients existing trade partners, with a view to quickly replacing less effective partners.

Managing, motivating and maintaining trade partner’s effectively is an important ingredient for success. The trade partners we work with are precious and important to us. We strive to keep them motivated, happy and flying high!

Regions with active trade partners include:

Europe (Western, Southern, Eastern & Central)
Middle East
United States

We also work with trade partners located in other markets and regions.

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